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Shmuel Lavi

Attorney at Law and firm founder

ֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹֹPhone: +972-4-8123004

Mobile: +972-54-4975273



Attorney Shmuel Lavi founded the firm in 2000. For the past two decades, the firm has been representing commercial clients (Israeli and foreign commercial companies, production plants, entrepreneurs, contractors, service companies, and other businesses), local authorities and commissions, foreign companies in international transactions and initiatives abroad, and private clients.

The firm offers personal, accessible, and outstanding professional services in a family atmosphere and with a somewhat different approach.

The firm is located in a quiet and pastoral Haifa neighborhood close to the Ziv shopping district and the Technion and is easily accessible from anywhere.

In addition to Attorney Shmuel Lavi, the firm’s owner and founder, the firm’s legal and management team is available to provide clients a quick and handy response. The team includes attorneys, a legal intern, and an office manager.

Attorney Lavi graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Department of Economics at the University of Haifa in 1996 and has been licensed to practice law since 1997. He is married to Orli. The couple has three children—Noam, Shay, and Rona.

The firm specializes in civil and commercial law; real estate; urban renewal, building renovation in accordance with the National Master Plan Number 38 (TAMA 38) and evacuation and reconstruction ventures (PINUI-BINUI); contracts and tenders; administrative law; labor law; court representation; mediation to settle disputes; planning for the future, including will preparation, inheritance, prenuptial agreements, enduring power of attorney and expressed decisions document.

The firm is an official supplier of the Ministry of Defense and represents reserve soldiers who were illegally fired from their jobs due to reserve duty.

Attorney Lavi has been serving in the following capacities for many years:

  • Appointed by the official receiver and the district courts as a special administrator and trustee in bankruptcy cases.

  • Appointed by the courts to other positions, among them receiver, estate executor and guardian of wards of the state.

  • Serves in several quasi-judicial positions.

  • For many years served on ethics committees in the Bar Association’s disciplinary courts (past).

  • Arbitrator in legal proceedings in accordance with Arbitration Law.

  • Certified by the Guardian General to draw up enduring power of attorney documents, advanced directives for appointing guardians, and expressed decision documents.

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