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Areas of Practice


Real Estate

Our firm has years of experience in the area of real estate. We represent private clients, entrepreneurs and contractors in a wide range of transactions:

  • Representation in sales of apartments and land plots

  • Supervision of complex real estate transactions

  • Representation of entrepreneurs and contractors

  • Representation of landowners, including residents, in urban renewal projects

  • Directing and supervising transactions and projects, from the entrepreneurship stage to the end of the project

  • Drawing up sales contracts, real estate partnership contracts, building contracts

  • Handling all tax authority dealings for these transactions

  • Representation and supervision of real estate transactions abroad until their completion

  • Combination contracts

  • Supervision of urban renewal projects: National Master Plan Number 38 (TAMA 38) and evacuation and reconstruction ventures (PINUI-BINUI).

חוזים ומכרזים

Contracts and Tenders

  • Drawing up contracts--entrepreneurship, partnerships, commercial contracts and more

  • Representation in administrative petitioning of public organizations in the matter of tenders

משפט מינהלי

Administrative Law

Representation in a variety of areas in proceedings against administrative authorities in administrative tribunals, the High Court of Justice and other courts, including local taxation matters (real estate taxes, fees and levies), as well as representation of local authorities in petitions to the High Court of Justice.

דיני עבודה

Labor Laws

Ongoing legal support for employers in the Labor Courts on all matters pertaining to labor law and employer-employee relations.


Litigation (Representation in Court) 

  • The firm represents its clients as necessary in litigation proceedings, including large and complex proceedings, in all fields of civil-commercial law (including contracts, tenders, real estate, administrative matters and labor).

  • The firm has extensive experience representing clients in most of the judicial courts and tribunals in Israel, from the Magistrates Courts to the District Courts and up to the Supreme Court, as well as in arbitration and mediation.

  • The firm has extensive experience in handling evidence, restraining orders and other temporary  forms of relief, as well as appeals, arbitration, administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court of Justice.

Inheritance Law – Wills and Inheritance

  • Professional handling and legal advice in drawing up wills

  • Handling inheritance and wills, including legal representation in cases of opposition to wills and in inheritance disputes, estate management and court appointments.

דיני ירושה - צוואות וירושות

Planning for the Future

Most of us prefer not to think about what would happen if we were to lose our ability to make decisions regarding our property, our health and our personal affairs. Yet every day we are witness to such situations, especially in view of the current rise in life expectancy, which is expected to continue rising.

Therefore it is important to take time out from our daily routine, make intelligent decisions and plan our future now in the best way possible rather than leaving our loved ones to deal with our affairs during crises.  

Innovative and progressive legal tools are now available ...

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היערכות עתידית
משפט וזיקנה

Law and Old Age

  • Legal preparation for old age

  • Couple and family planning

  • Enduring power of attorney

  • Expressed decision documents

  • Prenuptial agreements

  • Guardianship

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